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    With high speed development, continuous improvement and professional experience in PCB production during the past
    ten years, Huagao can make custom PCBs which are widly used in industril control system, power supply, LED lighing,
    comminication device, automotive electronics,security electronics, etc.
    What's your needs, what we do!

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    Huizhou Huagao  Electric Circuit CO., LTD is a professional PCB manufacturer of Single Sided, Double Sided ,
    Multilayers PCB  and Aluminum PCB for more than 10 years. With accurate market positioning, customer-centric service
    concept and excellent corporate culture, we gradually developed into a company...

    Huagao Circuit
    2015-04-09 16:45
    Huizhou Huagao Electric Circuit CO.,LTD is a professional PCB manufacturer of single sided, double sided PCB and Multilayer PCB for more than 10 years. With accurate market positioning, customer-centr

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    PCB auto plate Industry Overview
    2015-05-14 16:47
    Taiwan auto sheet maker Poon is the world's third largest car plate industry, the main competitors are Japan CMK, Meiko Electronics (MEIKO), etc., as fine a branch in Taiwan, Tripod, Yaohua equivalent

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    Who stole your phone traffic? Secret five traffic trap
    2015-05-14 16:46
    Recently, security research and vulnerability reporting platform cloud website security warning, noting phone software has been tampered with, strum advertising backstage sneak flow of serious, and wh

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